I'm not a Virgin

Beauty won’t save the world. Reducing plastic production will. This is why we decided to go beyond beauty and design a jar that doesn’t only look beautiful but also doesn’t use virgin plastic anymore.
  • Yes, we’re not a virgin anymore

    Our jars are now made from 100% recycled plastic while our lids are 100% plant-based made from sugarcane.

    Why sugarcane, you may ask? Sugarcane is one of the most responsible sources of plastic, it doesn’t upset the planet, gets all the necessary resources to grow from natural rainfall, and it actively regrows every year reabsorbing vasts amounts of CO2. A true magical renewable material that will never run out.

  • Yes, it’s recyclable!

    While we’re working strong on our mission to use 100% recycled plastic, we always remind our #GelatoLovers that our jars are 100% recyclable and encourage the Gelato community to not only recycle our jars, but also all other plastic in their home. Our recycled jars and other plastic you have around the house can then be made into fleeces, t-shirts, furniture, children’s toys and… you guessed it… Gelato jars!

  • Yes, it’s reusable!

    Our jars are beautiful and we love to show them off! We know you do too! Our Gelato jars, once wiped clean, can be used as storage for dry goods in the kitchen, your dog’s treats, as a lunch box or even as a planter for your basilico! Get creative and don’t forget to tag us so we can see your amazing ways of reusing Remeo jars.

Remeo is Available in the finest delis, supermarkets and Farm shops around the Country