Authentic Gelato

Remeo are keen to explain the difference between Italian Gelato and ice cream. Gelato is lighter, with more milk, only a little cream and most importantly, less air. After years of testing with their master gelatieri in Milan, Remeo have developed their own process of mantecazione – the way in which the ingredients are blended – that incorporates even less air into the Gelato, offering denser and smoother texture and more flavour in every spoonful. The quality of ingredients is key – for example the finest quality chocolate from Ecuador is hand melted and blended with fresh milk to create Remeo’s Dark Chocolate 72% Gelato – which recently became the first gelato in the UK to be awarded three Golden Stars at the prestigious Superior Taste Awards in Belgium. After blending, the Gelato is decanted by hand into jars and checked manually before shipping fresh to the UK every week. Even the stylish jars were crafted with creative input from a fashion designer (this is Milan, after all) and are 100% recyclable and reusable.

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