Be cool with gelato and vegan popsicles

Remeo Gelato in key London publication – Islington Gazette!

It may seem like summer is over before it began, but there’s no bad time to enjoy ice cream.

Even though it’s been around for centuries, Gelato is set to be the next big food trend in London – we’re always a little late to the party. It isn’t just Italian ice-cream; gelato is lower in fat and doesn’t have the extra air whipped into it, making it smoother and denser than normal ice cream.

Remeo Gelato serves seven flavours – caffe espresso, bourbon vanilla, limone Siciliano sorbetto, Alphonso mango sorbet, pistachio Siciliano, dark chocolate and stracciatella – all of which are available to order online, but the final three, pistachio, chocolate and stracciatella are now on sale in Waitrose and Whole Foods in Islington, Camden, Stoke Newington and Hampstead. Made in Milan, this delectable treat comes in reusable, recyclable plastic pots. All are gluten free and the sorbets are dairy free.