Uniquely packaged Remeo Gelato secures Waitrose listing

Remeo Gelato, ‘the UK’s first authentic Italian Gelato sold in a jar,’ has recently secured a listing in national retailer Waitrose.

The product is being sold in jars that are used the cosmetic industry and have been tweaked and made suitable for food use.

The jar, the lid and the underlid are 100% recyclable and reusable to reduce waste: they are said to work particularly well as salad boxes, fruit boxes, or to keep herbs and spices in the kitchen. They can also be used as a stylish storage component. Customers have been posting the ways they re-use the jars on social media.

The label is UV printed directly into the jar.

Remeo Gelato will launch nationwide into selected stores, retailing three of the brand’s seven-strong Gelato and Sorbetto range: Dark Chocolate (72%), Pistacchio Siciliano and Stracciatella.

The brand is tapping into demand for luxury and premium ice cream, with luxury products having seen a strong volume growth over the last few years.

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