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Gelato N.1
Vaniglia del Madagascar

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Fresh pasteurised milk only
100% natural and vegetarian
No artificial flavourings and colours
Gluten free

Popular among gelato minimalists and loved by everyone, Vanilla ice cream can be tasted on its own, while also being the very one flavour that has given birth to other gelato staples. Despite its simplicity, Madagascan Vanilla gelato can be an endearing choice on its own, as well as if combined with other flavours, thanks to its extreme versatility. The creamy, rich texture of vanilla ice cream, coupled with how well it can go with desserts and other gelato flavours, crown it as the most loved ice cream flavour worldwide.

What makes our vanilla gelato so good

When it comes to vanilla, the Bourbon region in Madagascar is second to none: considered the world’s best for the quality of their orchids, Madagascan vanilla is considered the gold standard for high patisserie, and Madagascar is exactly where we source our vanilla pods from. Then, we use a generous amount of fresh, high-quality Italian milk (52%), and add a dash of fresh cream to give the finishing touches to this signature Remeo flavour. The quality of the ingredients and the artisanal production make our N.1 Madagascan Vanilla ice cream a luxurious delicacy compared to the other vanilla ice cream options on the market, and lets you enjoy the natural taste of gelato from the UK.

What does Madagascan vanilla ice cream go well with?

Let us rephrase the question: what does Madagascan Vanilla ice cream not go well with? This flavour is so versatile that it is hard to find something that won’t go well with it. Besides tasting it on its own – Vanilla gelato is a perfect standalone flavour – the classic pairing is chocolate. Try having some of our N.2 Ecuadorian Chocolate Ice Cream with your vanilla jar, and you won’t regret it. Too simple? Remember that Italians say “La semplicità è la più grande sofisticatezza”, meaning “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. Listen to Leonardo da Vinci, and try this simple yet tasty combination. Or try pairing the smooth, delicate vanilla ice cream with a more intense aroma, such as our N.3 Lemon Sorbet with delicious Sicilians limoni.
If you believe “Italians do it better” and want to impress friends and family for your knowledge of Italian food culture, serve it with fresh strawberries in classic “fragole e gelato” fashion, for a tasty summer dessert.


Fresh whole milk, sugar, cream, water, skimmed milk powder, natural vanilla flavouring, natural stabiliser (carob seed flour), extracted vanilla powder.

Nutritional Table (per 100ml)
– of which saturates3,6g
– of which sugars15g