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Gelato N.2
Ecuadorian Chocolate

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Fresh pasteurised milk
Only 100% natural and vegetarian
No flavourings and colours
Gluten free

The exceptionally high amount of the finest quality cocoa used for our dark chocolate (72%) provides an extremely intense and rich taste. Our chocolate comes from Ecuador only (mono origin) and is then blended with the highest quality fresh milk to create a delicate and smooth texture.

72% Dark Chocolate

Fresh whole milk, water, sugar, glucose syrup, cream, plain chocolate; 4,5% (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier, (lecithins: soy) natural vanilla extract, cocoa powder, inulin (from chicory), low fat cocoa powder, natural stabiliser (carob seed flour).

Nutritional Table (per 100ml)
– of which saturates3,2g
– of which sugars13g