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Gelato N.4
Pistacchio Siciliano

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100% natural and vegetarian
No flavourings and colours
Fresh pasteurized milk only
Only Natural Ingredients

Everyone loves a good pistachio ice cream, a staple of the Italian tradition and revered by all gelato lovers. Opening a jar of N.4 Pistacchio Siciliano is like a trip straight to Italy: using only the finest Sicilian Pistacchios, widely regarded as the world best, we create a delicate, natural, and clean taste for our pistachio gelato, reminiscent of the streets of Bronte, Sicily, gazing at the majestic Mount Etna in the distance.

Sicilian Pistacchio Paste

Making our Pistachio Ice cream

Have you ever wondered why is pistachio gelato so good? A well-made pistachio ice cream is nothing short of sensational: creamy unlike any other ice cream, smooth, has a complex flavour with subtle yet delicious hints of savory nuttiness. Plus, it is as addicting as the Sicilian Pistacchios used in making it.
This is why we focus on making it right, as the Italian tradition dictates: by carefully blending this noble nut’s paste with high-quality, fresh milk from northern Italy, we deliver the richest, most creamy pistachio ice cream you will taste. An indulgent treat straight from the Italian tradition. Being crafted in Italy without using artificial ingredients, N.4 is an authentic Pistachio gelato, making it naturally lower in fat and calories and providing the smoothest texture, a world apart from regular ice cream.

What does pistachio gelato go well with?

If you want to become an expert when it comes to serving Ice Cream, make sure you choose the right flavours and stun your guests and friends with delicious gelato combinations. As for everything food, the Italians dictate strict guidelines when having gelato for dessert. Luckily, pistachio ice cream is very versatile and goes well with many of the most popular flavours: serving it with creamy flavours is the gold standard, hence you can’t go wrong with vanilla ice cream or ecuadorian chocolate gelato. To try a less-beaten path, pair with a good stracciatella ice cream or, if you want to add other quality Sicilian ingredients to the mix, get your hands on a N.3 Sorbetto Siciliano.

Can’t wait to get your hands on a jar and have gelato like the Italians? Head to the online gelateria and get your pistachio ice cream delivery ready, free next-day for orders over £40.


Fresh whole milk, water, glucose syrup, sugar, cream, Sicilian pistachio paste, egg yolk, skimmed milk powder, natural stabiliser (carob seed flour), salt, natural flavouring.

Nutritional Table (per 100ml)
– of which saturates2,1g
– of which sugars13g