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Gelato N.5
Stracciatella di Bergamo

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Fresh pasteurised milk only
100% natural and vegetarian
No artificial flavourings and colours
Gluten free

Meet our Stracciatella gelato, one of the most iconic Italian gelato flavours, deeply embroiled in the Italian ice cream making culture. The Stracciatella recipe dates back to 1961, in the Italian city of Bergamo, where gelato artisan Enrico Panattoni signs off the first Stracciatella recipe. The rest is history.

Dark Chocolate Shards

Stracciatella ice cream is not chocolate chip

Stracciatella gelato often gets confused with American “chocolate chip ice cream”. But our ice cream is so much more: the dark chocolate shards make all the difference, flawlessly melting into the creamy Fiordilatte. The shards freeze when getting in contact with the ice cream, creating delicate chocolate flakes, literally melting in your mouth. This is why Italians get angry when they hear their simple yet beloved Stracciatella gelato being compared to chocolate chip ice cream.

Stracciatella gelato: a story of simplicity

The beauty of our N.5 Stracciatella di Bergamo gelato, an ode to the city that gave birth to the flavour, is its beautiful simplicity: made carefully following the Italian tradition, our stracciatella ice cream is made with the creamiest Fiordilatte (“fior” = flower; “di” = of; “latte” = milk) and a drizzle of 50% dark chocolate shavings. 

Ever heard of Fiordilatte before? Think of gelato as a painting, and the artisan making the gelato as a painter. In the Italian ice cream tradition, Fiordilatte is often the canvas where many of the most recognizable gelato flavours begin. Fiordilatte and chocolate shards, a match made in heaven, gave birth to the stracciatella gelato, a paramount of the Italian ice cream tradition.

Stracciatella and other flavours

To correctly enjoy Stracciatella gelato and unleash all its potential flavours and make fun, tasty combinations that will make your taste buds explode with joy, learn about what flavours go well with our stracciatella ice cream. A classic pairing that will make you and whoever is having our delicious Stracciatella di Bergamo with you is with our N.7 Tiramisù al Mascarpone: matching delicate stracciatella with the intense flavours of Italian espresso has long been one of the staples of Italian gelato tradition, and will make you look like a gelato expert. Try having it with our Tiramisu with Coffee and Cocoa layers as well, and you will be acclaimed as a gelato guru.
Want to experiment without pressure? Find our N.5 Stracciatella di Bergamo gelato in the Dolce Vita Selection, perfect for your dinner party or as a tasty gift.


Fresh whole milk, cream, sugar, glucose syrup, dark chocolate shards (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, dextrose, emulsifier (lecithins: soy), natural vanilla flavouring), water, skimmed milk powder; natural stabiliser (carob seed flour).

Nutritional Table (per 100ml)
– of which saturates4,1g
– of which sugars16g