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Gelato N.7
Tiramisu al Mascarpone

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Fresh pasteurised milk only
100% natural and vegetarian
No artificial flavourings and colours
Gluten free

Our Tiramisu al mascarpone gelato is prepared by carefully balancing the delicate aromas of Cataratto Marsala wine D.O.P with Italian espresso, enriched by creamy mascarpone, and finally topped by mono origin cocoa powder. All the flavours of the quintessential Italian dessert are now available in a gluten-free gelato form.

Tiramisu gelato straight from Italy

Tiramisu, which translates to “pick me up” as a reference to the espresso in the dessert, is probably the most well-known Italian dessert. Its mysterious origins are claimed by several regions, meaning that Tiramisu is widely popular in the whole peninsula, from north (where Friuli and Veneto claim its paternity) to south. What is not up for discussion, though, is its incredible and delicious taste, with a hint of Cataratto Marsala wine and Italian espresso adding intensity to the beautiful and creamy blend. Our Tiramisu ice cream will make you feel like you’re in Italy, as we have made it our priority to stay true to all the flavours that make Tiramisu the most beloved Italian dessert, now available in a gelato tub.


Making the most of tiramisu ice cream

Despite being an extraordinary flavour by itself, you can match our N.7 Tiramisu al mascarpone gelato with a scoop of another delicious gelato to create a wonderful experience for your tastebuds. The Italians say that tiramisu and stracciatella gelato are a match made in heaven, and who are we to doubt them? If you already love our tiramisu ice cream, try our Tiramisu with coffee and cocoa Gelato Dessert, a tasty threesome of decadent layers. To double down on creaminess, serve N.7 Tiramisu al mascarpone with our N.4 Pistacchio Siciliano Gelato.


Water, glucose syrup, sugar, cream, mascarpone cheese, (cream, acidity regulators (citric acid)), egg yolk, skimmed milk powder, marsala wine, coffee extract, fat reduced cocoa powder, natural stabiliser (carob seed flour).

Nutritional Table (per 100ml)
– of which saturates3,0g
– of which sugars14g