The natural pleasure of Italian gelato to your home

It was the summer of 2013. Jacopo was in Portobello Road, heading to a dinner party. Like any true Italian, he thought of bringing some delicious quality Gelato as a gift, because a top-quality Gelato makes your taste buds happy, uplifts your mood and never makes your stomach cry!

  • Our origin

    Easy enough, he thought….

    Unfortunately, his mission was harder than he thought as he couldn’t find any real Gelato, whether in a gelateria (where they were all too sugary and heavy) or let alone on the shelves of the best supermarkets.

    And in that moment, the idea was born. He decided to create a Gelato brand that can match the experience of today’s finest Italian Gelato. And the pleasure that comes with it without any artificial additives but only 100% natural ingredients. He decided to call it Remeo.

    Remeo is Latin for “I Return” – return to the quality of nature.

  • Our Purpose

    Today we live in a world where multinational companies have commoditised the food and, particularly, the ice cream industry. But, at the same time, there has never been a time in history when there is so much concern surrounding the source of our food, its preparation and what it does to us. More and more people are becoming aware of how the food industry is changing, and they are positively embracing this change.

    We are entering a new paradigm, one that has at its core the convergence of quality, health, nutrition, sustainability and our environment.

  • This is our time. Let’s embrace it!

    With all this in mind, Jacopo and his team wanted to embrace this present, and not just create a simple Gelato, but to replicate the experience of today’s finest Italian Gelato.

    That’s why at Remeo we decided to not look back in the past into how Gelato used to be made (with eggs, full of air, etc), but to create a Gelato experience that ticks all the boxes of real contemporary quality:

    · Only ingredients of the highest quality
    · Authentically Prodotto in Italia
    · Superior Italian taste
    · Disruptive and stylish design
    · Environmentally conscious

Remeo is Available in the finest delis, supermarkets and Farm shops around the Country